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Can I Get A Table for Two Please?

Whether it’s Lower, McElroy, Eagle’s Nest, Hillside, or The Rat, lunch lines at BC are rough. On top of that, few dining halls at BC are adequately suited to seat the masses of people who wish to dine on the bland, overpriced food in the actual dining hall. These problems are exacerbated by the students who decide to claim their table before purchasing their meal.


The most common form of reservation is rather simple. Students place their backpacks on a table as a form of marking their territory. What they do not take into consideration is that lines can often take as long as fifteen minutes. Other students could be using that table in the time that the backpack is enjoying its seat, rather than the floor.

While some may not be as harsh on BC Dining as your most humble narrator may be, most can agree that none of BC’s dining halls are comparable to five star restaurants; yet much of the student body holds the notion that a reservation is required in order to get a table.

I had an unpleasant encounter with a student who attempted to reserve a table I was hoping to use to consume my lunch. I was headed for the table when a girl rushed over, practically lunged her backpack onto the table, and then scurried off into the Eagle’s Nest. I laughed for a few minutes at the fact that the girl was using a backpack (clearly a freshman), but then I was filled with anger that this girl beat me to a table and yet wouldn’t return until my friends and I had finished our meal.

The solution to this problem is rather simple and doesn’t require Fr. Leahy’s approval: simply sit at tables that have backpacks on them. Actions speak louder than words and the student body needs to know that reservations simply will not be tolerated. Sure you may come across as a douchebag, but at least you will have a place to sit. Soon enough, the student body will get over their sense of entitlement and tables that have no students eating at them will once again be free to sit at.

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