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Patience May Be A Virtue, but Lunch Lines are Unnecessarily Long

Whether is 11 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon, the lunch lines at BC are ridiculous. Unless you spring from wherever your class is to one of BC’s exquisite dining facilities, you are likely to wait potentially ten minutes or longer to get your sandwich (BC doesn’t serve anything else).

The solution is fairly simple. While lunch lines are long primarily because of inefficiency, there is another problem. Freshmen, who do not know there way around BC are often confused and clog the lines as well as the entire Eagle’s Nest. This must be stopped.


My proposition is fairly simple. BC needs to restrict where freshmen can dine to strictly McElroy (upstairs) and Stuart (on Newton). This plan takes stress off of the freshmen by limiting the amount of choices they have to make and reduces lines in the other dining halls. Since sophomores and upper classmen rarely if ever eat at McElroy or Stuart, both dining halls should be able to take on the extra customers. Since McElroy could run the risk of being overcrowded, Upper freshmen will have to eat at Stuart at least twice a week.

Does this program discriminate against freshmen? Possibly, but BC has discriminated against freshmen is countless ways such as making them live on Newton and in forced triples. This plan simply helps freshmen make the transition to BC, while also benefiting the rest of the student body. It’s a win-win!!!

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