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Moan to Malone: The Doctor Has A New Home

Before I begin my column, I would like to first address my new location here at The Rock. After being cast off from The Observer due to perceived lack of relevance, I am pleased to call The Rock my new home. There are many dating questions to be answered in the BC community and the Doctor is here to help.


Dr. Malone


I have a problem with my boyfriend. He doesn’t get along with any of my friends. Not just in the sense that they aren’t friends, but they really hate each other. I like him an all, but this is really starting to affect my social life even when he’s not around. Should I break up with him, or should I try and ride things out?


Between the rock and a hard place


Hard Place,


Before you make any decisions, you need to further diagnose the situation. Why don’t these two sides get along? If all of your friends feel the same way about this guy, they might have a point. I hate to say, do what your friends are saying but it seems that this guy is sending the bad vibes across to everyone but you.


Try and talk to your friends about this. This will give you a feel for their intentions with regards to you and your boyfriend. I don’t mean to put doubt in your mind about your friends, but they might not always have the best intentions especially if they’ve just gotten out of relationships themselves. But since you said that he doesn’t get along with any of them, I tend to believe that the problem lies with him.


If your boyfriend doesn’t get along with any of your friends, I find it hard to believe that he’s going to get along with anyone you put him in contact with. He’s probably not worth your time.


Dr. Malone


My girlfriend just broke up with me and ran off with one of my best friends. I’m so furious at her that I don’t know how to get her back. Can you give me any ideas that would make me feel better about this?






Here’s an idea, move on. I know you’re feeling pretty awful right now, and that’s okay. But this whole vengeance idea is ridiculous and isn’t going to make anything better. I question how your girlfriend “ran off” with one of your best friends. I assume you’re in college. Where exactly then did your friend and girlfriend run off to then? Off into the sunset? I don’t think so.


I’m sure this girl won’t be a fixture at social events that you go to in the future. It seems a little immature to plan some big way to get back at her. This is college, not middle school. Time to act like adults.


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