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Lack of Fall Concert Outrages Students

If you’ve looked around campus recently, many of you may have noticed that there has been a lack of advertisements for the fall concert. In fact, there have been no emails sent out, Facebook group invites or atrocious lines coming out of Robsham Theatre. This is all a consequence of the new “ temporary moratorium on large scale concerts in Conte Forum” which in fact means that there will be no fall concert this semester and possibly no spring concert as well.

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No Student Will Enjoy a Concert in Conte

Boston College cited many reasons for the new moratorium, including excessive rowdiness in the past. This includes a record of almost 40 students warranting medical attention at last year’s fall Kid Cudi and LMFAO concert. According to The Heights, Boston College also fears that the amount of binge drinking at campus of events is only increasing regardless of the measures that they have taken thus far. For example, before the spring concert last semester, a pre-concert barbeque was sponsored in hopes that students would come early to the concert to eat rather than spend the time at an alcohol-fueled “pre-game.” Unfortunately, the barbeque was not as successful as hoped. The J.Cole and Wale concerts had only slightly fewer medical emergencies than in the fall, but had many less people in attendance. These concerns led to the creation of a committee whose responsibility is to curb binge drinking at campus events. Currently, the committee is still working on their recommendations. Once final recommendations have been made, sometime in October, a final decision about future concerts held in Conte Forum will be reached.

Some of the Boston College student population are close to outraged, and probably confused. Many students have no idea that the concert has actually been cancelled. Those who have found out through word of mouth or through The Heights article seem to be disheartened. Junior Abbey Canning, CA&S ’13, disapproved of the lack of a fall concert: ”It’s really lame that we don’t have one this year. That was always a fall tradition and I always had fun.” Others were more understanding, and even sympathized with the plight of underclassmen who are now bereft with a gap in their social calendars. Susan Krejci, CA&S ’13, spoke about the issue: ”I’m not all that mad about it; since I’m a junior now, I feel like I have more social options this year, but as a freshman that was a very fun thing to do.” Some students even say that perhaps no fall concert is a bit of a relief. “The line thing [outside of Robsham] was absurd, which made the concert ten times less appealing,” says Kelly Hatton, LSOE ’13. One thing is certainly true: concerts in Conte Forum have always held a lot of anticipation for BC students – at any age.

Having the fall concert canceled was a major disappointment for many. It is something that the student body as a whole could enjoy, regardless of age or affiliation. Although Boston College cited many different health and safety reasons in their decision making, I think that many would say that this is unfortunate punishment for a student body where the majority of people are making good decisions. Just as the banners in the Quad rang with “This banner would have said who your fall concert is,” this article could have said how your fall concert was.

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