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The Red Sox Halt the Bad Vibes

This September has been a roller coaster for the Red Sox. It’s been pretty painful to watch and this was certainly not how I wanted the last week of the regular season to turn out. I’m still not exactly sure where the 10 game lead we had in the Wild Card race went.

Darnell and Terry having a good time

Last night’s extra inning win in game two of the doubleheader against the Yankees did wonders to restore my hope in this team’s ability to perform in the playoffs for a few reasons.

John Lackey gave up fewer than eight runs and made it past the third inning.

The bullpen was superb. I’m not sure I could take another Daniel Bard meltdown.

With MVP voting coming up soon, Jacoby Ellsbury solidified his already strong case with his three run bomb. Who would have thought that Ellsbury was even capable of twenty homers, let alone thirty-one?

My pessimism last week has turned into cautious optimism, but we’re only a game up on the Rays, who have serious momentum behind them. But the Rays play the Yankees and the Sox play the Orioles. So unless the Yankees plan to toss their series, the Sox should be fine.

Older Sox fans are quick to judge the younger generation of Sox fans who have been so hard on the team this month. We didn’t grow up with eighty-six years of futility; we grew up with two championship teams. Winning is the new standard and I’m not going to make any apologies. I don’t want to die before the Sox win again; no team’s fan base deserves that. Except for the Cubs. They should have let the farm animal into their stadium.

I find myself with a resuscitated sense of excitement for the postseason. I’m sure all of Red Nation is ready to be done with September. We’ve been waiting all season for this and I hope the team silences the haters.

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