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The Curious Case of the Dining Hall Atmosphere

I rarely eat on campus. I don’t care much for the food and I don’t have a meal plan so Lower, Hillside, Eagle’s Nest, and the others are not places I frequent for the consumption of food. But Tuesday was different.

The weather was nice and I was in a good mood. One of my friends (who asked to remain nameless), asked if I would like to eat with him. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with my friend on this sunny afternoon. I asked him where he wanted to eat and he responded with Lower. I hadn’t been to Eagle’s Nest yet this year but he made it clear that Lower was the place where we would be going. I find the lines in Eagle’s Nest to be displeasing anyway, so I didn’t fight him.

We got to Lower and my friend informed me that he would find us a table. I went in to find an overpriced sandwich and a Chobani (nice to see those made a comeback but there was no strawberry banana or pineapple). When I emerged from the cave that all the food is kept in, I found my friend sitting and waiting for me.

I asked him if he was going to get food. He said no. I was puzzled by this, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

My friend pulled a sandwich out of his bag that he had brought from his apartment.

I kid you not. My friend would not go to a different dining hall, despite the fact that he was not planning on consuming any food prepared at Boston College. I was at a loss for words.

I asked him why it mattered where we ate. He said that Lower had the best atmosphere.

Let’s dissect his reasoning for a second. My friend, in theory, is correct. Lower does have a great atmosphere.

It’s not as loud nor as crowded as The Rat or Hillside.

It’s not filled with freshmen like Mac.

Eagle’s Nest is a close second here, but it’s louder and has longer lines. So his point is not completely devoid of merit.

But should atmosphere matter that much if food is not also a factor? Is it worth cheating a friend out of his chipickle (chips and pickle) from Eagle’s Nest?

I’ve spoken to my friend about this. I even told him that I was writing an article on it. He does not agree and he has made it clear that his stance will not change. Should we ever congregate to eat again, it will be at Lower or it will not happen at all.

So as I reach the end of my story, I leave you all with a question to think about. Should we make compromises, especially when we are fairly unaffected by the outcome? Is my friend nuts? Think about it and maybe post a comment. The spammers can’t be the only ones with things to say about The Rock.

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