A few Riddles for your weekend… or life if you’re not good at math and no one gives you the solutions…

One summer eve two Physicists, Pauli and Heisenberg, are talking. Pauli points out the peculiar case that all three of his children have the same birthday, but weren’t necessarily born in the same year. Heisenberg asks their ages. Pauli replies, “The product of their ages is 72.” Needing more information Pauli then offers him the sum of the ages of his children. Again Heisenberg points out that there is still not enough information! To which Pauli responds with “My youngest child…” Heisenberg interrupts him and states the ages of all 3 children.

What are the ages of the 3 children?

One rainy fall day in Boston, CVS ordered 7 small bottles and 18 large bottles of identical medicine tablets. When the medicine arrived, the manager was horrified to find that the bottles had broken during shipping, and all 233 of the medicine tablets were rolling around loose in the box. The store manager cursed out the delivery man and called her Physicist boyfriend crying to tell him of the situation. He interrupted her sobbing to ask if it was standard practice to have more pills in the larger bottles: to which she sputtered out “yes”. After a few moments calculation he was able to determine how many medicine tablets were supposed to go in each of the bags.

How many tablets went in the small bags and how many in the large ones?

P.S. Respect the game and stay away from Google.

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