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A Funny Thing Happened in Dunkin Donuts

I enjoy Dunkin Donuts more than the average person. For me, nothing fixes writer’s block, bad hangovers, and fatigue quite like a trip to Dunks. The coffee is delicious and the place lacks the hipsters who frequent Starbucks. Dunkin isn’t exactly free of oddballs, but they’re usually harmless.

I had an encounter with one of the oddballs last week. I was on Harvard Ave after a trip to Blanchard’s when I decided that a large iced dark roast coffee would be the perfect pick me up on a lovely Friday afternoon. Little did I know what I was in for.

Dunks was completely empty when I walked in except for one employee. A man walked in right after me who looked relatively normal. I was on Harvard Ave, after all, a place filled with crazy people and vagrants who like to make idle chit chat. I’ve had a few encounters with the regulars on Harvard Ave, most of which I would have liked to avoid but it was harmless. I’d actually never even been asked for money until this guy.

“Hey man, do you mind paying for my coffee and donut,” the decently dressed man said to me.

“Umm, no,” I replied. I might have come up with a wittier reply had I not been completely dumbfounded by this man.

“Why not,” the guy replied; clearly unaware that this is not a request people are asked of every day.

“Because I have no idea who you are,” was my simple and straightforward response. You never know what these kind of people are capable of, and since I was alone I didn’t really want to push it with this guy.

“Okay, fair enough,” marked the end of the conversation that the two of us shared together. By then I had received my beverage and my pumpkin donut and I had to get a straw.

A Vagrant could ask you for one of these

It was now the creeper’s turn to order. He ordered his refreshment and then he paid with a credit card. Yea, you heard me right. He paid with a credit card. He’s clearly not hurting for cash that bad. His card didn’t bounce.

Surprisingly enough this guy waited an abnormally long time to hold the door open for me as I departed the Dunkin Donuts, which I will likely never return to (which is a shame because it’s far superior to the one near school and the one in Cleveland Circle). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid that this man would try and follow me but he went the other direction.
I’m still not exactly sure what to make of this situation. I encourage all of you to exercise caution when visiting the Blanchard’s Dunkin Donuts since the place is a safe haven for disguised vagrants who will try to free load delicious treats off of you. Are cheap kegs worth the price? You make the call.

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