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BC’s Chobanigate is Over!!!

When I saw that nearly every campus publication has put out an article dealing with the recent problem that Boston College gas had with Chobani yogurt, I found myself letting out a sigh of relief.

Things could be worse.

It appears as though Greek yogurt is the number one problem that students have on campus. I see more articles dealing with that than the sorry state of our football team. Is it worth all the fuss?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t happy when I saw that there weren’t any Chobani yogurts in Lower. Chobani’s are not only delicious; they’re probably the only form of nutrition in my diet besides my Flinstones vitamin in the morning (I kid you not). But this isn’t the first time that something great has been taken away from campus dining. Lower and McElroy rarely have cake in the freezer at late night anymore. Red cake ranks close to Chi-Chi’s on my list of favorite things to eat at late night. There’s a very realistic chance that I’ll never have red cake again. Very upsetting.

But life goes on.

It’s true. Boston College would not close if Chobani was gone for good. I’m glad it’s back, but I still can’t really believe that this big of an issue was made over yogurt. Yogurt should not make the news. I can understand why The Observer would jump at the opportunity to talk about milder issues, but nearly every publication dealing with BC has something to say about this.

Is there nothing else to talk about? Are we content with the number of articles dealing with how much our football team sucks? I’m not. Yet here we are with the yogurt articles.

The Rock at Boston College encourages the other newspapers on campus to focus more on actual news. Let The Rock deal with the vibes. I question other newspapers’ slogans about there being no freedom without the truth if they consider yogurt a serious news issue. There can be freedom without greek yogurt.


  1. Christian Montalvo

    And there was much rejoicing……..yayyyyyyyyyy…..

  2. We made it!!! Hoooorrayyyy

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