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Some More Poetry

Hope you enjoyed my last poem. I decided to put this one up as well to keep the Arts in Arts & Media flowing. It’s a very lighthearted ballad that I did for my poetry workshop.

The Pan’s Labyrinth

Who’d of thought this story could be
Not of love or loss, but of man
A tale not of epic adventure
But of a boy and a pan.

The pan lived its life freely,
Used, sparingly, in the day.
No one thought to clean it.
On the stove, it would stay.

The pan’s complacency drew the irk;
Of a boy whose wish for time
Would send the pan to a place
Where he would see no grime

But this was not to be, no!
Unless it came from his hand,
The others couldn’t care at all,
They love the pan, they understand.

Misguided anger built up in time,
The boy could stand for it,
Someone must clean the pan,
Or else he would throw a fit.

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The Pan

The boy screamed and pleaded,
“Please can you clean the dish.”
But he was not very nice
And No one granted his wish.

His friends grew tired of his whines
“Shut up, won’t you”, they said.
They had a way to get him back.
The pan was placed. In his bed.

The boy screamed at his friends
The twist of fate made distress
He should’ve been nicer to his friends
The pan is great, I do digress

What have we learned from this tale?
Is the pan such an issue?
The boy knows now not to worry
He can put away the tissues.


  1. Conor Naughton

    Simply Scrumtralescent

  2. This poem made me very happy. Very happy.

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