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No Rest For the Wicked

Parking at BC isn’t as hard as people say it is. Once you figure out that there are specific times where you can park and times where you can’t, it’s pretty easy. The construction on Comm Ave has been a nuisance but it isn’t too hard to find a spot. Just don’t even bother trying to park on campus in the morning and you’ll be fine.

Weekends used to be the easiest time to find a spot. The garage used to host free parking to anyone who wished to drive up past the fourth floor from Friday night to Sunday night. Going to the library was easy.

Not anymore.

BC now charges five dollars to park on weekends. Buh-bye free parking, nice to know you. I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising. That doesn’t stop it from being any less annoying.

No parking for you

How much money does BC really expect to make off of this? The garage never has many cars in it on weekends. I doubt that number is going to spike now that it costs money to park. BC can look forward to the extra fifty bucks it’s going to get off this. Maybe now BC will have enough money to renovate Carney…

There are still a few places to park for free without getting a ticket. The plex parking lot is rarely patrolled. As long as you hide the colorful piece of paper that the guy at the front gate gives you, you should be fine.

But it’s the thought that counts. BC does not want its students to drive cars, so they’re going to make it as difficult to park as possible. I got an email from BC about parking opportunities at 2000 Commonwealth Ave, which is owned by BC. Would I put it past BC to add a fee to sell parking spots? Certainly not.

I guess this annoys me because in a world where everything is so expensive, BC offered something for free. Just like the Apple Tree that used to be in the Dust Bowl. Gone. Just so a new building could take the place of greenery and delicious free apples. Nothing’s free at BC. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

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  1. Ahh the Apple Tree, what a sly move by BC. Long live its memory.

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