Cafe Nation: One of Brighton’s Hidden Wonders

Brighton Center might be pretty close to BC, but it is not really a spot where students congregate. The bus might not go there, but there are plenty of reasons to check it out. One of those reasons is Cafe Nation.

Coffee addicts have a tough time at BC. The Chocolate Bar is a hangout spot for freshman and sophomores who have been banished to Co-Ro. Hillside serves gross Starbucks coffee and its always crowded. There are two Dunkin Donuts close to BC, but there isn’t a true coffee shop where students can hang out or study.

Cafe Nation might be a bit of a hike from campus, but the experience is well worth it if coffee is your poison. Their coffee is delicious and they have a wide variety of choices. They also don’t have the “best of the 90s” on loop like the chocolate bar. How am I supposed to enjoy my Americano when Third Eye Blind is blasting in the background? I wish someone would throw that CD of that ledge, my friend. I would understand (hope you all understood my attempt at a joke).

Cafe Nation is also a really good place to eat. They offer a wide variety of omelets and crepes that can cure any hangover. The Spanish Sunrise and Three Little Pigs Omelets/Crepes (yup you can pick either one) are not to be missed.

One of the most important things a coffee shop needs to have is a good atmosphere. This is an aspect that people who don’t drink coffee will never understand but it’s a big part of the coffee drinking experience. Cafe Nation offers an intimate setting surrounded by unique artwork and comforting music. There are plenty of tables that meet the needs of your landing party, big or small. They have a lot of tables for two if you’re looking to take a special someone there.

Good coffee, good food, good vibes. That’s pretty much all you can ask from a coffee shop. You’re expected to bring the company, though if Cafe Nation becomes the new hangout spot for BC coffee aficionados that might be provided as well. Until then, give Cafe Nation a try. You won’t regret it.

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