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You know that overwhelming feeling you get when you discover something that immediately seizes your entire being – something that speaks to you so intensely it weighs on you in the best way, like you’ve been, unbeknownst to yourself, aching to find this thing? Such a momentous, soul-shaking revelation appeared to me in the form of electronic music.

I had always loved music, and by the time I started at BC in 2009, I thought I had sufficiently explored various musical genres and that my tastes were pretty solidified. My favorite artists were a mix of old and new – like Bob Dylan and Bon Iver – and I took pride in my musical preferences.

When I first began my foray into electronic dance music (EDM) at the end of freshman year, I quickly became consumed, downloading hundreds of tracks in a day and hungrily listening to them. I was unable to believe I hadn’t discovered such an amazing genre of music, let alone that I had so surely thought that I knew for certain what kind of music I enjoyed. It’s been over a year since I fell madly in love with electronic music, but I am daily discovering new artists and sounds. While EDM thrives in the hearts and stereos of young people around the world, its ever-growing influence seems to be underrepresented within the BC community. I’m here to change that (at The Rock, at least).

If you have any interest in expanding your musical tastes and exposing your sheltered ears to real(ly good) electronic music, then click through to the 8tracks link. I’ll be posting a new playlist regularly, most likely weekly. But to get you started, the first playlist includes 21 amazing tracks, and they are listed below.

1. Derezzed (Avicii Remix) – Daft Punk. Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” is my favorite track from the TRON soundtrack, and Avicii, borrowing only the original’s main melody, turns it into a beautiful house anthem.

Daft Punk in Tron Legacy

2. Yeah – Boys Noize. Uplifting, fidgety.

3. Jahova – Rusko. Melodic dubstep done right.

4. Animal Rights – deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner. Two of my favorite artists collaborated to make this ridiculously good electro house record.

5. I Love You – Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis. Dillon Francis, new king of the moombahton genre and recently signed to Mad Decent (Diplo’s record label), teamed with Cory Enemy (lesser-known dubstep producer) to make this monster of a track.

6. I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Dub) – Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System. Wolfgang Gartner, one of my favorite producers / DJs, stripped the vocals off Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System’s original, then turned the instrumentals into chillwave with a house beat. Yes.

7. Let the World Hurry By – Pretty Lights. Once you hear Pretty Lights, you will forever be changed. If his fusion of soul, hip-hop and electronic sounds don’t get your head moving, then I’m not sure if anything will.

8. I Think I Like It – Fake Blood. Really groovy and original.

9. Again and Again (Extended Mix) – Basto! This Belgian isn’t famous (yet), but this is one hell of a progressive house track.

10. With You, Friends – Skrillex. If you haven’t heard of Skrillex, you should make sure you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year. Skrillex has an incredibly eclectic sound ranging from melodic to straight up terrifying, but this track is gorgeous, with a slow beginning; the drop is worth every second of the build-up.

11. My Penny – Crookers. This fidgety Italian duo is one of my favorites, and this track is nothing short of spectacular electro house.

12. Side by Side – Felguk. This Brazilian duo is another personal favorite; they make some serious bangers.

13. Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix) – Daft Punk. A great twist on the original.

14. Blessed feat. Shermanology (Avicii Edit) – Tom Hangs. Tom Hangs is Avicii, who is also Tim Berg. This melodic house record will make you feel blessed, indeed.

15. Get Brain – Porter Robinson. Porter is 19 years old, and is currently touring with Tiësto. He just dropped his debut album, and makes original electro house tracks as hard as this one; keep an eye out for his meteoric rise in the EDM world.

16. Lick the Rainbow – Mord Fustang. This Estonian burst onto the scene this past year, and he has been making hard-hitting electro house tracks like this one.

17. Pumped Up Kicks (Skeet Skeet Show Edit) – Foster The People. A pretty nice spin this mainstream jam.

18. Rude Boy – Zeds Dead. This Canadian dubstep duo is another favorite, and they consistently produce jaw-dropping original mixes and remixes.

19. I Love The Bloody Beetroots (Extended) – The Bloody Beetroots. Italian electro house duo, definitely one of my favorites. They dropped this track during their set at Electric Zoo Festival this past September, and thousands of people sang along, “I love the Bloody Beetroots.” I hope you understand why.

20. Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet At Night Mix) – Avicii. Cazzette is signed to the same management team as Avicii (mentioned above), and his remix of Avicii’s take on the Eurythmics’ original is heaaavy.

21. Flashback – Calvin Harris. This Scot’s happy nu-disco sounds are infectious, as is his mellow voice, which is featured on nearly all of his tracks.

It’s all happening.

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