New Puzzles and Old Solutions


A Light Riddle to Start:

Whilst on a quest (possibly grail related) you are posed this challenge:

In a room there are 4 light switches; in the next, a single light bulb that is initially turned off. One of the 4 switches controls the light bulb while the other 3 are shorted (disconnected). While in the first room (with the switches) you cannot see what’s happening in the second room. You may flip the switches as many times as you want, however you can enter the second room only once. How can you determine which switch controls the light bulb?


The 3 Wise Physicists:

After the asteroid took out Europe and Asia, and the Earthquake took out South America, and the NASCAR accident that took out every state below the Mason Dixon; cannibalism became quite prevalent. In this post-apocalyptic world 3 Physicists Michael, Jeff, and Conor are out for a stroll when they are overpowered (more unlikely than the other 3 events) by 340.29 cannibals. The cannibal horde tied the 3 Physicists to posts, one behind the other, so that Jeff could see the back of Michael and Conor, Michael saw the back of Conor and Conor saw neither of the other two. The Cannibal leader is a sporting fellow and offers the Physicists a way to escape. Being men of valor they replied: “Do your worst, for we will do ours”

The Physicists are shown 5 swallows, 3 of which are African and 2 of which are European. They are then blindfolded, and one of the 5 swallows is placed on each man’s head (weight difference between African and European swallows is negligible in this situation). The two remaining swallows are hidden away. The Physicists are then told if just one of them can guess which type of swallow had been placed on his head, they all will be allowed to go free. Time passes. Finally, Conor, whilst unable to see the other two, correctly guesses the type of swallow placed upon his head.

Q: What type of swallow was it and how did he know ?

P.S. – “Well, you need to know these things as a Physicist”, while true, is not an acceptable answer.


Solutions To Last Weeks

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