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The Ballad of The Rock

As some of you may know from my earlier posts, I currently take a poetry workshop at BC. I’ve posted some of my work in that class up on The Rock but I decided to make an original poem that chronicles the creation of The Rock. I tried to keep with the form but since I won’t be graded I made some slight edits that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. Hope you enjoy it.

The Pride Rock

Tales of epic size rarely begin with cheer
As those who aimed to block,
The free thought of a slightly strange writer
So begins the story of the Rock.

College papers are not meant to take away
The passion and desire to create
So when the present failed to satisfy,
The time came to liberate.

“I quit” never felt so fresh and sweet,
Our new paper aimed to unite
Those whose plans were not of convention
One’s with no anger or spite.

The group assembled who shared an idea
To bring to life their interest,
Though their fields differed in genre and structure
In The Rock, they did invest.

Five sections were built to suit the needs
Of the scribes whose journey lies ahead
The Arts – campus issues – society – food – and science,
Gave them structure, gave them cred.

Two weeks passed and The Rock was ready
The articles were witty and clever
Who thought such marvels could come so fast
Things could not have been better

It’s been a month since the genesis
New writers have joined the fray
The journey is far from its completion
So much more, left to say

The Rock hopes to show the world
There are no limits to creativity
Let go of the ties that bind you
Go forth and utilize your abilities.

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