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Yea, I Wrote a Poem About Care Bears

I’d like to share my latest poem with you guys. I wrote this one for class and I think it got a pretty positive reaction. I hope you enjoy it.

Up in the Clouds

I never thought that I would be jealous of a bunch
Of colorful animals each with a symbol on their chest
I didn’t even like their show, I just had a hunch
That the Care Bears lived life that was the best.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in the clouds?
Their only job was to have lots and lots of fun
No one tells them to be quiet, they can be as loud,
As they want to, their only neighbor is the sun.

Sure they get into trouble every once in awhile,
But they always send the bad guy through the air.
If you mess with their good time, you’ll go to exile.
You don’t want to be caught in a Care Bear Stare.

Their life isn’t that all that different from ours.
Grumpy Bear is always pissed off, the good vibes are
beneath him. He just sits and counts down the hours
Until someone wrecks his garden with a little cloud car.

It makes sense that the show appeals to the youth.
Care Bears are little Jack Bauer’s with tattoos and swagger
The chant in unison, and the bad guys go poof.
It doesn’t take 24 hours either. They’re much faster.

My sister does not watch them any more and nor,
do I. That doesn’t stop me from smiling when they
show up on TV. I guess part of me wants some more
Adventures. I just want to be asked to play.

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