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Concert Review: Metronomy

I enjoy going to concerts but I find that I do not go to enough of them. So when the Commish asked me to go see a band I’d never heard of last week, I jumped at the opportunity to see live music. To quote Inception, I took a leap of faith. It paid off.

Metronomy played at the Brighton Music Hall, a pretty small venue right around the corner from Blanchard’s. The place was near dead when we got there but it filled up pretty quickly after the mediocre opening band wrapped up. It’s hard to find a bad spot at the Brighton Music Hall, but we stood near the front.

Metronomy has an incredibly unique sound that I was drawn to the moment they started playing. All the band members are British but they’re pretty big on the West Coast. They’re a mixture of electro and pop with an overlay of funk bass provided by bassist Gbenga Adelekan, who is easily the most talented member of the group.

The concert was fueled by the charisma of the band. They were all very energetic and they looked like they felt really comfortable with each other. Singer/guitarist Joseph Mount connected with the audience even though he had never been to Boston. Mount made a joke about former President George Bush’s love of the Texas Rangers, which probably would’ve been better received had it come a few years earlier. But the crowd wasn’t exactly one to boo a Bush joke or passionately care about baseball for that matter.

All in all it was well worth the seventeen-dollar ticket. Metronomy’s new album, The English Rivera, is really good and I encourage you all to check it out. Weekday concerts are great and it’s good to take a break from work every once in awhile.

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