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London Calling

For the past month and a half, I have been living in London. It could not be more different than New York and my hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut, the awesomest place ever. Unlike the streets of New York, the streets of London are not on a grid system. So if you make a wrong turn, you’ve really screwed up. Unlike NYC, if you’ve made a right instead of a left, you cannot just make 3 more rights and then a left. You must consult a new map and turn around instead of just correcting what you just did. Other than the difference in the physical layouts of the city, the populations are different. Never before have I lived in the actual city centre, where green space is so hard to come by. I live like 10 minutes from the nearest park, which isn’t even as big as a square block, because, again, we don’t have such a thing. Everywhere I go, there are tourists, which makes it impossible to go for a run or explore the city peacefully.
This school is 30% Asians. I like my new school in London a lot but I miss BC. I’m grateful to The Rock at Boston College for the opportunity to connect with the BC community from across the pond.


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