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This Week in Words: Jerry

Jerry is a word that originated in my hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut and has since become an integral part of the vocabulary of the citizens there. You may not know it yet, but chances are you encounter jerries on a daily basis. It’s even possible that you, the reader, may be a jerry.

Unlike snarf, jerry has a fairly simple definition. A jerry is an undesirable. People who show up to parties that they were not invited to and behave poorly are jerries. People who put their backpacks down at tables in Hillside before getting their food are jerries. People who throw up on the Comm Ave bus are jerries. It’s not too hard to understand.

Now, it’s not always easy to immediately identify a jerry at a party. There have been instances where people have reversed their status as a jerry, leaving the accuser with a feeling of guilt for acting too soon. Here are some tips for identifying a jerry.

When you see a potential jerry walk into your party, watch for how they behave. If they’re with someone you’ve invited, do he introduce himself to you? Does he go straight for the booze? Does he creep on girls that he doesn’t know? If the answers to those questions were No, Yes, Yes than you’ve definitely got a jerry in your house. Jerries are usually male, but it’s possible to have a female jerry. Female jerries are typically girls who cannot hold their liquor, cry at parties, or make too much of an effort while sounding fake and annoying. Being a slut does not immediately make you a jerry, but it’s possible.

The Ultimate Jerry

You’ll find that jerry is a useful term to know. Jerries often do not know that they are jerries, so it functions as a codeword to use in order to get the jerries out of your presence. Let your friends know what it means so that you can identify jerries without alarming them. It’s an incredibly valuable word.

So the next time you go out, be on the prowl for jerries. You will see that your standard of living will improve greatly after you’ve learned to rid your life of the jerries who seek to ruin the good vibes.

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