Boloco vs. Chipotle: Which Wins the Battle of Cleveland Circle?

The food scene at Cleveland Circle is interesting to say the least. There are a lot of restaurants, but not a ton of variety. There are three places that serve pizza and Italian cuisine. Fin’s serves Japanese and the Bangkok Bistro serves Thai. Eagles Deli and Roggies are the only traditional restaurants in Cleveland Circle. Why one strip needs three pizza places and two Mexican restaurants escapes me.

But this article is not about that. Boloco and Chipotle may be close in location, but they greatly differ in quality. If there could only be one Mexican restaurant could exist in Cleveland Circle, the winner would be obvious.

Simply Boloco.

Boloco wins on nearly every front. Their burritos are huge and they offer nearly three times the amount of options to fill it with. They also offer whole wheat tortillas, which I prefer even though I do not go to either restaurant in search of health food. The different rice option makes a big difference, whenever I feel like I’m sick of Boloco I just switch the rice and it feels new again. Chipotle loses a lot of points for not including crispy rice noodles on its menu.

But Qdoba serves booze... if only

Boloco’s drink options are better. They may not have Nantucket Nectar, but the smoothies make the trip worthwhile all by themselves. The Cape Codder is my personal favorite.

Boloco also wins on the service front. The people who work at Boloco are incredibly friendly and they often give customers free cookies with their meals. Boloco also offers a rewards card, which gives you a free item of your choosing with every 50 dollars you spend there. There’s much more bang for your buck.

The only thing that Chipotle has going for it is its atmosphere. The vibes are much better in the booths at Chipotle than they are at Boloco. Boloco is about half the size of Chipotle so it’s hard to compare, but I’d rather eat my food in Chipotle. However, this is a factor that doesn’t seem very important.

Cleveland Circle needs more variety. Chipotle has two choices that it can make. Either it needs to make higher quality food, or it must leave Cleveland Circle and never come back. There’s no reason to have two Mexican restaurants and Chipotle has been getting by on its brand recognition for far too long. Simply unacceptable.

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