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With a Little Help From My Friends

Here’s an original poem that I wrote. Enjoy.

With a Little Help From My Friends

How is it that one of the Beatles’ best verse
Came from the often quiet voice behind the kit?
“With a little help from my friends” felt unrehearsed,
But for some reason, the welcoming lyrics all just fit.

The man whose songs spoke of octopus gardens,
And yellow submarines had words that felt so wise
Though one cannot expect lyrics that feel hardened,
From an album like Sgt. Pepper, that would be despised.

The Beatles showed us how friends can rule the earth
Such wonder and awe for the fab four, they inspired
Others to band together, their sound triggered the birth
Of an idea that burned since like an eternal fire.

Yet as we know, all good things must come to an end
Bonds were broken by a woman from a distant land
They all forgot the marvels they made as friends,
And just like that, Yoko Ono broke up the band.

So what would you do if I sang out of tune?
Would you really stand up and walk out on me?
John did, he let bad vibes usher in their doom.
In times of trouble, he couldn’t just let it be.

Forty years have passed, can we right the wrongs
Honor the ties that bid us, find ways to stay
Since there aren’t many places where we belong,
Stick by your buddies, no one else wants to play.


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