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Temporally Expansive

I got the inspiration for this poem during the Shakespeare class that I take. My teacher wrote the phrase which serves as the title up on the board to describe the play “The Winter’s Tale.” I was fascinated by the phrase and I used it as the foundation for this piece. Enjoy.

Temporally Expansive

A wish for life to be temporally expansive,
A dayโ€™s length is not fit for adventure.
Expand reality, stare deep into the cloudy pensive,
Find the deeper meanings, what weโ€™re here for.

Twenty-four is but a man made object,
And like all else, we can manipulate
Itโ€™s objective, just open your mind and forget.
Take control, your only way to liberate.

Feel the breeze flow gently through your hair.
Let the good vibes re-align your day.
Not all the motions require you to care.
Make time; seize lifeโ€™s many gifts. And play.

They figured out time..

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