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Beans, Creams, but Where are the Dreams?

Coffee is an essential part of my morning routine. One of the reasons I love off campus life is that I don’t have to drink the terrible coffee that McElroy and Lower serve. It might be fair trade, but the taste is certainly not fair to anyone who pays for the sludge. The Chocolate Bar is great, but it’s far away and serves mainly as a hangout for freshmen and sophomores who were banished to CoRo. Hillside is a mess and it serves disgusting Starbucks coffee. Unlike the Chocolate Bar, the vibes in Hillside are terrible.

But what if there could be another place to obtain caffeine? What if there already was?

I don’t think there’s a single person on campus who hasn’t passed by the Beans, Creams, and Dreams stand outside of Lower. Most of us don’t make anything of it, and that’s not at all unreasonable. The shack is never open.

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No Dreams Here

I’ve been told that the stand was open during the summer, though it’s hours seem a little inconsistent since it was most certainly not open when I was on campus this summer. But I don’t understand why this place would only be open for such a short duration.

The fact that BC already has two coffee shops is not the point. This is not an instance where less is more. More is more. The more students who have access to decent coffee, the happier life at BC becomes. This is a universal truth.

Beans, Creams, and Dreams has beautiful positioning on campus. It’s right smack in the middle of Lower Campus. Students coming from all over lower and off campus could have a delicious drink to bring to class without having to take a detour to Dunkin or Hillside.

This is not a place that should only be open for a few weeks. Go outside, the weather’s great. The good vibes are in the air, and if BC could get it’s act together there could be a tasty beverage in all of your hands. Fair trade is not fair to the students who have to suffer.

When it comes to dreams, you often need to take a leap of faith. BC needs to take a leap of faith and end the suffering that fair trade has brought upon us. Just as the Berlin Wall came down, the barrier blocking Beans, Creams, and Dream must come down for the betterment of our community.

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