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When The Real World Doesn’t Quite Do It

I wrote this poem for class. It’s a pastoral, a form that highlights the beauty of the simple life. Enjoy.

When The Real World Doesn’t Quite Do It

If the plainness of the fields seems like a bother,
And your life feels like it needs a little spice
All the solutions lies in a small square blotter,
The sun, the trees, the breeze, all warm and nice.

Have you ever really stared at a blade of grass,
Seen all the contributions it brings to the table?
Stop for a moment, feel how slow time can pass,
Every once in awhile, it’s fun to live out a fable.

The feeling of the vibes that control the air,
Become suddenly apparent, yet feel so right
They flow all around you, through your hair
The cold, cruel, world is warm, fuzzy, and bright.

To bring peace and serenity to an urban crowd
Whose idea of the country life exists in books,
Brings an escape from the noise and all that’s loud
Stick out your tongue, embrace, and have a look.

When the trip and the adventure come to an end,
What’s left behind is an new beginning, a way to see
To break down what divides, a world full of friends,
The beauty of the earth is for those who want to be free.

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