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The Electro Chronicles, Part Two

I know I promised a weekly playlist but I’ve just had about four or five weeks of “midterm” hell, though I fail to understand how the middle of a term can last over a month. It’s been a miserable stretch, with papers on exams on papers on papers, but it’s almost Thanksgiving and I’ve lost my sense of self-preservation anyway, so can finally write this long-overdue article.

I hope some of you have read “The Electro Chronicles” and listened to the accompanying playlist. There’s no denying that electronic music is well on its way to becoming a global epidemic; the proof is in mainstream music, which is increasingly seeing an incorporation of electronic influences. Big-name electronic music producers are currently in some serious demand across the mainstream genres as never before, and although I’m no proponent of mainstream music, I do want to point out that there is a reason for this explosion of what used to be an underground movement: electro is awesome.

I’ll be the first to admit my bias, but I think people really should give electronic music a chance, despite what may initially seem like “repetitiveness.” And if some aren’t willing to do that, or still dislike it despite really giving it a chance, I will simply ask that they stop referring to all vaguely electronic-sounding music as “techno.” First of all, techno is a legitimate genre in EDM and not some ridiculous 90’s European happycore. And “techno,” even in the correctly understood sense, is hardly a complete representation of all electronic dance music. In fact, it doesn’t even come close.

On that note, I give you the second installment of The Electro Chronicles. I thought a little change of pace would be nice, so I included lots of chill electro/dubstep remixes of some great songs and a few happy, feel-good house tracks to bring some aural satisfaction to your Thanksgiving break. Turn up the bass and get some smooth tunes into your ears, you pretty young things.

Boom. Tracks are listed and described below.

1. Laserflies – Keljet. This underground Swedish group posted this track to soundcloud, and I somehow found it and fell madly in love with the melodies in this song. I think I’ve played this song on repeat for days in a row.

2. Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix) – The Temper Trap. We all know the original; this is a chill-but-upbeat take on this 2010 summer anthem. RAC stands for Remix Artist Collective, a group of musicians from all over the world who really like making remixes.

3. The Funeral (Butch Clancy Remix) – Band of Horses. And you thought “chill dubstep remix” was oxymoron… For Kid Cudi fans that might recognize the intro, Cudder sampled this Band of Horses track for “The Prayer.”

4. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Felix Voya Remix) – Journey. Ok, before you judge, listen. I’m not ashamed to admit I love the original… And this remix makes me want to weep rainbows.

5. Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) – Yelle. Madeon, a 17-year-old French pop/house producer who’s been receiving tons of attention lately, remixes this song to create an infectious dance track.

6. Turn It Down (with Rebecca & Fiona) – Kaskade. Kaskade, an American DJ and (electro) house producer, is one of the best-known names in EDM. This track is fresh off his new album “Fire and Ice,” and it’s so catchy I couldn’t resist putting it on this playlist even though it’s more of a banger. Sorrrrrryyy.

7. Love Get Out of My Way (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Monarchy. Treasure Fingers is an American house/disco/funk producer who consistently produces both amazing original mixes as well as remixes.

8. Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) – Bon Iver. I guess “rerub” implies that it’s more of the original record than is a “remix,” which is surely a little pretentious, but this is a great track regardless. Wait for it to get good.

9. Ambrosia (Estiva Remix) – Vast Vision. One of the EDM genres I haven’t explored in depth is trance, but this track really blows me away. It’s melodic and euphoric: what’s not to like? Be patient with this one – it’s long, but worth a good listen.

10. Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) – Passion Pit. Who doesn’t know and love “Sleepthead”? Anyway, this is a fantastic remix, retaining the original’s essence while adding some percu$$ion, $ynth and $ample$.

11. Never Forget You (Kaskade Mix) – Noisettes. Kaskade (mentioned above) works his magic on a fantastic Noisettes record.

12. Spanish Sahara (Bar9 Remix) – Foals. Bar9 is one of my favorite dubstep acts; this British duo are masters of chill dubstep remixes done right.

13. Cry (Just A Little) – Bingo Players. Bingo Players have exploded onto the EDM scene in the past year or so, and with good reason. This happy house track was definitely my summer anthem this year, and it might help you overcome the impending winter blues.

14. No Dice – Beirut. Yeah, Beirut isn’t electro, I know. But this song definitely has lots of synth, and it’s addictive, you’ve been warned. Yet another song whose chord progression makes my heart leap.

15. Keep the Fire (Bar9 Remix) – Goldhawks. Another Bar9 remix. Soul-shaking dubstep, anyone?

16. Push & Rise – Wolfgang Gartner. Wolfgang is one of my favorite (electro house) producers, and this is one of my favorite tracks of his (and generally). The lyrics are: “loving & living & fighting & falling & flying / growing & playing & praying & pushing & rising.” I could go on, but I’ll stop with: I love it more than lots of things.

17. Open Your Eyes – Alex Metric & Steve Angello. Metric, a British house/tech producer, and Angello, of Swedish House Mafia, collaborated to make this banger. I love that it oscillates between happy and badass sounds.

18. High School Art Class – Pretty Lights. I love Pretty Lights, and this is, hands down, my favorite track of his. It’s relatively unknown, but it’s a feckin gem.

19. Stereo Love (Molella Remix Radio Edit) – Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. “Stereo Love” has been played to death, but I still like this remix a lot.

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  1. Oho! Jessica, you knocked this one out of the park. Electronic dance music is quite infectious, I must say! Kudos.

    Hoping you are well,

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