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Black Friday: What a Rude Holiday

I’ll never fully understand the appeal behind Black Friday. I understand why stores do it. Anything that creates buzz is good for them, especially in this economy. But someone had to feed the monster in order for it to flourish. That falls on us.

How is it that Black Friday follows the one-day of the year where we are told to give thanks for life’s many gifts? All our thanks are thrown at the window as we fight each other over $200 flat screens. Don’t people need to digest the Thanksgiving feast? Guess not…

Black Friday has gotten a lot worse over the past few years. Is it really that important to open shop at three in the morning? This bothers me because it impairs the ability to enjoy Thanksgiving. Are you really going to drink and be merry when you could potentially still be drunk when Target opens up? See Spot Save!!!


Black Friday could potentially be a force for good. Times are tough for people and businesses alike. Black Friday is mutually beneficial, however we must maintain our humanity through the process. As Mitt Romney reminded us, corporations are people too. We must remind our corporate brothers that this madness cannot be tolerated.

While the joy and festivity that Thanksgiving brings us in the form of pumpkin pie and stuffing must come to an end, we do not need to revert to our savage state mere hours after the holiday. There are 25 days of Christmas. We don’t need to kill each other when it’s still only November. Santa Claus would not be amused…

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