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BC Yoga: My New Favorite Part of the Day

The only time I ever use the Plex when water polo is not in season is when I wish to take a dip in the luxurious hot tub. Lately, my stance on BC’s rundown facility has been altered as I’ve taken up yoga classes offered for free by BC. I’ve found that it has been an excellent experience.

I first dabbled in yoga when I took acting classes in New York City a few summers ago. I regarded the experience as a positive one, but I didn’t pursue yoga any further. I had been talking about starting it up again with the Commish, who was also interested, and we finally got around to trying it out at BC.

You never really know what to expect with free fitness classes. But BC has a really amazing group of instructors. I’ve taken a bunch of classes so far and I’ve found that they cater to people of different skill levels. They offer up different poses if the suggested one is too easy. I never felt out of place in any of the classes, even though most are usually scarce when it comes to the male gender.

Since yoga class of often quite pricey, I think the free ones offered by BC should be taken advantage of. BC doesn’t give much away (R.I.P. Apple Tree and free parking). Novices can also use this opportunity to get into yoga, since classes at other places are often pretty fast paced and unforgiving toward those who don’t know what they’re doing.

The best part about yoga at BC, and I mean best part, is the savasana. It’s actually maybe my favorite part of the day. It’s the part of class at the end where you lay down and clear your mind of any thoughts. That’s often pretty hard to do in the fast paced college life. If the savasana doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will.

Phoebe Matthews, one of BC’s esteemed instructors, was kind enough to share her yoga experience with us here at The Rock. Unlike me, she’s had hundreds of hours of training and actually knows what she’s talking about. You can check out her article here.

Sometime in life, it’s good to take a leap of faith. Yoga is one of those times. Give it a try, you might like it.

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