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Movie Review: The Muppets

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Growing up on Muppet Treasure Island, I went to see The Muppets with nostalgic goals, hoping to re-experience the hippie hilariousness of its characters and jingles; however, I got something more. The movie is current, clever, and its innocent humor is silly enough to appeal to children, but self-aware enough to hold the attention of the older audience members, who might be hesitant to laugh at something as goofy and childish as the Muppets. Punch lines like Fozzie Bear’s fart shoes are contrasted by Statler and Waldorf’s self-referential jabs at the film’s immaturity. At times, the balcony bound duo even make comments directly aimed at the parents like “This is going to be a long movie” or “How will this idea last an hour and a half”, fortunately for views they’re wrong.


The Muppets successfully appeals to Muppet enthusiasts young and old, bringing them back to the forefront of children’s entertainment after a 12-year big-screen absence. Although it was mostly written by Jason Segel, the movie also captures the essence of Jim Hensen. Furthermore, even if the humor doesn’t keep your attention, the unbelievable amount of cameos threaded throughout and excellent soundtrack will. Even Kermit the Frog gets a banjo montage written by Andrew Bird.

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