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The Rock Responds to The Observer’s Recent Articles on Homosexuality

First things first, I want to disclose that I used to be the Managing Editor for The Observer. I left The Observer in late September to found The Rock following “creative differences.” Though after looking at the current state of affairs of my old stomping ground, I think leaving was a better decision than I ever realized.

The Rock does not have affiliations to any political or religious organizations. We promote a “live and let live” philosophy and we do not wish to suggest any course of action for homosexuals. We care very little about what people do with their loved ones.

We do however take umbrage with the philosophy taken up by The Observer toward homosexuals. It is ugly and hateful. The Observer should be ashamed of those articles as well as the halfhearted “sorry, not sorry” apology which can be found on its website.

We encourage The Observer to get with the times. The self-imposed war with homosexuality is not going to get you anywhere. You will get no apologies from Res-Life and you deserve none. The GLC has been around for decades; it’s not going anywhere.

Jesus loves everyone

You should however, apologize to the people you offended. Not out of any obligation other than a moral one to the homosexuals you alienated, offended, and potentially made feel unwelcome at this institution. Not cool.

This is not the 1800s. People are going to love each other the way they want to. That might not be okay with you, but screaming and moaning about it is not doing your cause any favors. Chastity was going out of style when Shakespeare was around. Does thou wisheth this was ye olde times? Conservatism has its merits, but no one likes the smell of the brand that The Observer is promoting.

We would also suggest that The Observer take a look at how it defines love. The “Support Love” posters do not imply sexual intercourse. Such posters that imply any type of sexual intercourse are inappropriate at a Jesuit institution, homosexual or not.

Finally, we would also to remind The Observer to remember who Jesus was. Recorded time’s first hippie, the long haired barefooted Man from Nazareth encouraged us to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” To suggest that homosexuals should not love is to bar them from the kingdom of heaven. Forget what the Church says on this issue, rise above and embrace the words from the Man above. Jesus does not hate homosexuals and nor should you.

For any comments or questions, I can be reached at malonei@bc.edu or in the comment section. On behalf of all Boston College publications, we would like to extend an apology that such words were ever published. It is the intention of The Rock to provide insightful and fun articles for its audience to enjoy. We hope to continue our mission to spread the vibes for years to come.

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  1. Bravo, Dr, Malone, on this one. While homosexual praxis has no personal appeal for me, neither does an air of aggrieved disapproval about what [1] other people do which [2] does not harm me or those I love. While far from a profound scriptural scholar (inter alia, I can’t read Hebrew or Aramaic, and recall little Greek from my school days) I am familiar enough with all four Gospels to be confident in stating that Jesus has very little to say about sexual sin at all – – and what little he did say, e.g. the woman taken in adultery (“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”) or the oft-married Samaritan woman at the well who was ‘shacked up’ at the time Jesus met her – -was gentle and tolerant. On the other hand he had a great deal to say, none of it good, about corrupt hierarchs, Pharisees and “I thank thee Lord God that I am not as other men are” disapprovers. So I think you are 100% correct.

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