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The Rock Celebrates Christmas

While campus isn’t looking too cheerful during finals week, Christmas Day is just around the corner. As the fall semester comes to a close, The Staff at The Rock decided to do another article like our Thanksgiving one, where we share our favorite things about the Christmas season.

It’s hard to come up with just one favorite thing about Christmas. From Christmas movies and their varying degrees of quality, ugly Christmas sweaters, eggnog, and the limited catalog of tolerable Christmas songs, there are so many reasons to love December.

Here are our favorite things about Christmas

Christian Montalvo: The Food. When we celebrate at our house, my grandmother makes the best cioppino (Italian seafood soup).

Juliette San Fillipo:Hanging out with my cousins. We always make stupid home movies (yes, even at age 20) and poke fun at random people sitting in the pews during Christmas mass. Something about it being Christmas makes us extra giddy, and it’s always a blast

Paul Fortin: That finals are over.

Conor Naughton: I am glad I am getting a month long break from two-particle spin systems and I am looking forward to Nondegenerate perturbation theory

Suzanne Severance: fuzzy Christmas socks and onesies

Carlos Villatoro: My favorite part this Christmas is not going to be the delicious tamale Ill eat in Guatemala after midnight on the 24th after burning massive amounts of fireworks (probably the ones considered illegal in the US). My favorite part will be that this will be the first time this year I will get to hug my family. Hugs are my favorite part of Christmas.

Humphrey Yang: My favorite thing about Christmas is giving presents to people, it is the season of giving after-all. I also love the holiday parties and the music, but Christmas music is way overplayed after a week or two

Maura Naughton: My life tends to revolve around food so the feasting that goes on is a definite highlight.

Jessica Yoon: I went to a boarding high school so I’ve dabbled in extreme sleep deprivation for years. This one time senior year, I had slept for only a handful of hours the week before going home for Christmas break, and following my arrival and a shower, I proceeded to sleep from 8pm to 1pm – two days later. I awoke to my mom concernedly shaking me and asking, “Do you need to go to the hospital?” And I was like, “Lulz no, but I reeeally have to pee.” That was truly a personal landmark and attempting to recreate it is one of my favorite things about the holidays. Plus I’m so down to celebrate the birth of Christ. I tend to love babies, especially if they’re of the Savior and Redeemer variety.

John Kinzer: Getting to sit on your ass all day and relax. Unless you’re unfortunate enough to have to spend Christmas at another house…

Joe Casson: My favorite thing about Christmas is remembering how wonderfully strange my family is compared to most of the world. Three months or so away and sometimes you forget about your mother’s habit to sing Blu Cantrell while she cooks or your father’s newfound love for house music.

Chris Sax: Watching Elf, Will Ferrell is awesome.

Ian Malone: My favorite thing about Christmas is eating cupcakes with chocolate frosting for breakfast and that 24 Hours of a Christmas story never gets old. And onesies.

The Rock wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very happy whatever else you might celebrate. See you next semester!!!

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  1. And a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, wealthy and wise 2012 to all the Rockers, with thanks for many entertaining takes on life, love and the world of higher education.

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