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Starbucks is Not Welcome in Cleveland Circle

Cleveland Circle has had a vacancy ever since the Verizon Store closed two years ago. Local storeowners had a prime opportunity to provide a service to the BC community. Space in Cleveland Circle is hardly well used, as there are multiple restaurants that serve the same food (Boloco and Chipotle, Presto and Pino’s). Yet history has repeated itself once again.

Starbucks will be opening a location in Cleveland Circle. This is completely unnecessary since there is a wonderful Dunkin Donuts already located in Cleveland Circle. Chill also serves coffee for those who are too lazy to walk more than five feet from the Bank of America bus stop.

This Starbucks will be beneficial to no one. There is no need or demand for mediocre coffee masked by a foreign name and loads of artificial flavoring. Its “baristas” are fooling no one with their foolish efforts to imitate a local coffee shop. This is Boston College, we are smarter than that. Take your BS to BU.

Starbucks’ business system is as corrupt as Bernie Madoff’s. One of their products is called the “perfect oatmeal.” With a name that includes the word “perfect,” one can assume that they’re going to get some pretty damn good oatmeal. Wrong. The oatmeal is far from perfect. It’s not even very good. Yet Starbucks does not seem too concerned with bridging the gap between their oatmeal and perfection.
Like Starbucks’ oatmeal, BC is far from perfect. But its coffee supply is not the problem. There are plenty of great places to go get a cup of coffee on campus and there are two Dunkin Donuts close by. America runs on Dunkin. It does not run on Starbucks.

Over 900 Starbucks locations have closed since 2008. Clearly Starbucks cannot conjuror up cheap tricks that students at a Jesuit institution will fall for. Yet for some reason, the evil empire from Seattle feels as though America’s New Years Resolution is to take a leap of faith with Starbucks. But Starbucks has already fooled us once with the oatmeal. Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me. Starbucks isn’t going to fool anyone.

Hopefully Starbucks will leave Cleveland Circle and never come back. There are enough shady people who wander up and down Beacon Street. This is not a good way to start the New Year.


  1. The Colonel

    I agree 100% with Mr. Malone that Starbucks in boundlessly annoying, e.g. calling the people who dispense the over-priced brew to its also-annoying customers with their “decaf latte with a wisp of Mozambique vanilla bean and just a hint of froth” nonsense. But I have to say, with all respect, that I think he left out the most annoying single affectation of Starbucks: calling the very smallest cup of coffee or tea a “tall.”

  2. I’m actually excited about the Starbucks coming to Cleveland Circle. I think its a great opportunity (for me) to get out of my place and hang out for a few hours at Starbucks. Just because there is already a Dunkins across the street, doesn’t mean Starbucks shouldn’t move in. Dunkins (to me) has a cold, unwelcoming feel and their coffee is not all that great either… thats just my opinion. I respect your article here, but I just wanted to voice that I am very excited to have a new local spot to be with friends and family.

  3. starbucks starbucks starbucks

    so happy.

    dunkin donuts is shit water. so glad i don’t have to waste my money there when I don’t have time to get starbucks all the way in washington sq. DD workers are also inept. they mess up my order everyday. drinks never taste the same each day. when you’re about to miss the bus they walk like a sloth to the coffee machines.

  4. We are too smart for Starbucks? Jesus Christ, tone down the smugness. Guess what? Dunkin Donuts is a BAG OF DICKS. I could give two shits about either of their coffee. I want a place to sit and do homework, while enjoying a better atmosphere than the two homeless guys at Dunkin. In my opinion it’s the best thing to come to the area in the last couple years. I, for one, welcome them into my digital arms <3.

  5. Christian Montalvo

    I agree with most of the comments above. I am not about to engage in a debate as to which coffee shop is better. But here is my two cents:
    Better atmosphere
    Espresso Drinks
    Better service (not foreigners)

    Simple and to the point (no BSing coffee)
    Good iced coffee
    Boston pride

    I am curious to see who will win out in attracting more customers in the long term.

  6. Get off your high horse about Starbucks. LOL your only argument was their oatmeal?! Come on a 10 year old can write a better argument than that. By the looks of the replies Starbucks is more than welcome in Clev Circle. Dunkin Donuts is old man coffee and where beggars go to ask for your money.

    I’ll take Starbucks over Dunkins any day. Their slogan should be ‘America runs on Dunkins served by foreigners’

  7. I love Starbucks

    You give BC students way too much credit. After all I’ve seen a line of 50 BC students outside of CitySide in too high of heels, short dresses in the middle of winter while they freeze their asses off. Smart students? I don’t think so.

    Students that are incredibly rude and hog the entire sidewalk outside of the BOA while fist-pounding as I walk by with 4 bags of groceries and not one bro will break up their fist-pounding, smart? No.

    Why you seem to think that BC students are the only clientele in Cleveland Circle is beyond me. In fact, I wish you people would stay on your campus and never leave.

    Starbucks will thrive in Cleveland Circle. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if 75% of your fellow students preferred Starbucks over Dunks. So your whole argument about BC students being too smart for Starbucks goes out the window.

    Those of us that are established in life and not depending on our parent’s income while in school, might just appreciate a good cup of brewed coffee which in fact is probably 10 cents more, on our way to a long day of work.

  8. Yeah. Only BC students live in Cleveland Circle. It’s not like anyone actually lives in Boston. There are only students. I’m pretty sure the BC staff just live in closets and come out to run the university when no one is looking like little elves. I’m sorry you were disappointed by oatmeal that one time.

  9. Young Professional in Cleveland Circle

    Well, then it is a good thing that Starbucks is not actually on your campus. So shut up about it. Last time I checked the BC campus map, the southeastern boundary was Chestnut Hill Avenue, not Beacon Street. As far as I know, there are no buildings owned by BC in Cleveland Circle. Yes, there are some BC students that live in Cleveland Circle but they – or their mommies and daddies – pay for that privilege. A large part of the neighborhood is comprised of young professionals like me, who have absolutely nothing to do with BC. The merchants of Cleveland Circle do not exist to serve your needs; they are here for mine. I know it is easy for a self-righteous, entitled BC college student such as you to think that he might have rights to all of Cleveland Circle, but I have hope that someone who was smart enough to get into BC in the first place will figure out the difference one day. Furthermore, if you are so in love with the coffee-serving locations that you mentioned are actually on your campus, and you prefer to frequent those establishments . . . what, exactly are you complaining about?

    As for a proper coffee shop, Starbucks is the only one of its kind in Cleveland Circle. Chill, the Eagle Deli, and other locations have coffee and tea but it is generally not the primary reason people choose to be their customers. I also don’t know many young professionals that want to spend more than 2 minutes in Dunkin Donuts; they would much prefer the ambiance and offerings of Starbucks. However, for every Starbucks that I have visited in New England, there is a Dunkin Donuts little more than a stone’s throw away, competing for business, and many more that stand alone. America runs on Dunkin because Dunkin is being crammed down its throat.

    I think a better headline might be “BC is Not Welcome in Cleveland Circle”. This is NOT Boston College. And we enjoy our coffee and tea without a side of snarky collegiate whining.

  10. Are you really an insufferable windbag or do you just play one on the internet?

    Brighton is my home. I own my property here, I don’t rent some piece of garbage party house. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you BC students who are just passing through want…I’m happy to have a Starbucks in the neighborhood. You can get out of my neighborhood if you don’t like it.

  11. I’d like to echo what all of the other actual residents of Cleveland Circle have said. It’s about time Starbucks came to Cleveland Circle. DD is barely a serviceable option for coffee and certainly not a place anyone who has recently taken a shower wants to spend any amount of time much less attempt to fight the homeless for a table on the off chance you do decide you’d like to sit down and eat breakfast. Starbucks moving into the neighborhood will raise property values and if Mr. Malone actually cared about the Cleveland Circle neighborhood, he would appreciate that point. However, seeing that Mr. Malone is merely a transient who believes the world revolves around BC, I suppose much cannot be expected of him.

    As a side note, who the heck is “born in the summer of his 27th year”? I’m guessing Mr. Malone thinks that little gem is eloquent, thought-provoking, and makes him sound “smarter than … BU”, but I’d advise greater care on his part. Mr. Malone would be wise to appreciate that the mere ability to string words together does not by default make one a writer.

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