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BC Dining Makes Significant Progress Toward Fixing McElroy

I’m sure most people are happy about the renovations to McElroy except for maybe kids who lived on Newton since they’ve lost the ability to claim that the food is better (don’t worry, you can still say that it’s a great community…) I haven’t tried the food, and I probably never will, but the space looks less depressing which is always a plus! For once, BC did something right with its dining hall slogans.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Eat, Drink, Talk, Think slogan that BC uses. For a school that is constantly rising in the top university ranking, you would think that someone would be able to find something better than simply stating the obvious. I also don’t understand why breathing was excluded as it is just as much of a vague generalization as eating, drinking, talking, and thinking. Given the number of students who eat alone, it’s actually probably more common than talking. Yet for some reason, breathing is left off the list.

BC dining finally did something right with the “crossroads” banner that hangs over the middle station in McElroy. I don’t think I could use a better word to describe dinnertime every single day of second semester of my freshmen year. I didn’t want to eat McElroy food, but Lower, Hillside, El Pelon, and every other option were much farther away. This was easy on some nights like General Gau night or weekends, but it wasn’t always so easy. I was at a crossroads, we all were.

As we move farther into second semester, freshmen will realize that BC does in fact understand them. BC understands that choosing to eat food prepared in McElroy will create a crossroads situation for many students. Will this lead to other breakthroughs in campus-student relations? One can only hope.

The “crossroads slogan is slightly soured but the “temptations” and “innovations” found on either side of it, but the mere presence of the banner shows the steps that BC is willing to take in order to express sympathy to students. I guess the innovations one can stay since it was innovative to put crossroads, but I’m not in love with the way that BC decided to publicly pat itself on the back for this.

I’m glad that BC dining finally did something that warranted praise. McElroy has made great strides towards becoming an appealing option for food consumption. Maybe the next renovation will be to kick the people who ask for donation money for service trips out. Change takes time, but I like the direction BC is going in.

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