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TV Nostalgia: Boy Meets World

I should hate Boy Meets World for all the false expectations it instilled in my young mind. High school was nothing like John Adams High (not necessarily a bad thing), I never had a teacher quite as awesome as Mr. Feeny (definitely a bad thing), and I didn’t meet my soul mate at age four (jury’s still out on that one). But for some reason, I’ve been on a big Boy Meets World binge lately.

It’s hard to believe that Boy Meets World used to air on ABC when it originally aired. Most people currently in college remember it from reruns on ABC Family and the Disney Channel. The melodrama and constant life lessons seemed more appropriate suited for the preteen audience of the Disney Channel than for the mainstream audience that ABC attracts.

Feeny, Feeeeeennnnyyy, Feeeeeeeeeeennnaayyyyy

This does explain why the show that I loved as a child is still even remotely watchable ten years down the road. The adventures of Corey, Shawn, Eric, Topanga, and the rest of the gang were intended for adults after all. But after all these years I think Boy Meets World still matters only to the kids who grew up with it.

I started watching Boy Meets World again after I got a bunch of the DVDs. At under ten bucks a season, I couldn’t really pass them up. Even though I doubt I’d like the show if I hadn’t watched it as a kid, I’ve enjoyed watching the episodes that I used to watch all the time as a kid. Some of my roommates have watched it with me and I’ve found that they enjoy it as well.

Boy Meets World was at its best during the high school years. The characters were being exposed to dating, but the episodes were still centered on the comedic schemes that Corey and Shawn conjured up. As the show transitioned into the college years, the laughs became fewer and far between (usually supplied by Eric). I still watched it mostly because I liked watching the character even though the plotlines were pretty tired.

There aren’t that many kids shows that stand the test of time. Maybe Boy Meets World has an unfair advantage since it aired on primetime TV, but there aren’t that many kids shows that are still even remotely appealing as an adult. I don’t think I’d watch The Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, Even Stevens, or any of the other shows that aired on the Disney Channel. Though I guess some people would like Even Stevens given the popularity of Shia LaBeouf.

If you ever watched Boy Meets World as a kid, give it another shot. It’s a fun stroll down memory lane that you’re sure to enjoy. For those of you who don’t want to buy the DVDs, reruns can be found on MTV2. You can always be reminded that you’re college professors don’t hold a candle to the great George Feeny.

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