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Another BC Dining Blunder

There are some moments where it’s hard to believe that BC is one of the top universities in the country. For all the research that goes on here, there are quite a few things that make no sense whatsoever. I could focus on our terrible Plex, incompetent bus system, or even the Newton campus. But let us direct our attention to this picture

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Vegetarian vegetable soup? Really? Of all the intelligent people who work/attend this institution, not one of them could see the blatant redundancy that can be found in the middle of BC’s most popular dining hall?

While it’s true that some “vegetable” soups are made with chicken broth, the soup hardly needs to be called vegetarian vegetable. BC Dining could simply call it, vegetarian soup. Problem fixed, in theory at least.

It’s a shame too. For all the things that BC Dining screws up, they’re soup is actually pretty good. It’s definitely one of the most consistent items on the menu. The chowder, beef with barley, and lentils are all quite good. But how can anyone be expected to order the vegetarian vegetable soup?

Is the vegetarian vegetable soup BC Dining’s biggest problem? Not by a long shot. But it’s a problem that’s easily fixable. Are we expected to believe BC Dining is doing its best when it can’t even make soup labels correctly? It would be nice if BC Dining could put in a little more effort toward covering up its mediocrity.

What’s next? Chicken noodle soup with chicken? Beef with barley and beef? No one can be sure, but I know that I won’t be surprised the next time BC Dining makes a flub as obvious as this one.

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  1. my problem is where is the Brail name card. I mean what are the blind people just supposed to smell the vegetables? No, unless blind people are secretly disguising extrasensory powers like being able to internalize the fourth dimension then there is no finding out what is going on in the bottom of some large cauldron. there is no justice at BC, no justice in the dinning service, no justice for the disenfranchised Boston College student!

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