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Super Bowl Ads and Halftime Show: I Love the 80s? Not anymore…

First off I’d like to congratulate the New York Giants on their Super Bowl victory. As a Ravens fan who grew up an hour away from Giants stadium, I didn’t particularly care who won the game (though I like BenJarvus Green-Ellis since he has the greatest nickname in the NFL). Nonetheless, I did have a great time watching the game.

I was not particularly amused or entertained with the rest of the Super Bowl experience. From Madonna’s bizarre halftime show to Tony Dungy’s first person narrative—as if he was on the Giants—things were strange. But nothing held a candle to the commercials, which looked like they were taken from a VH1 ‘I Love the 80s’ clip show. Who would’ve thought that a 2012 telecast would include commercials starring Motley Crue, Ferris Bueller, Elton John, and the medley of cartoons characters ranging from Jabber Jaw to Scooby-Doo?


I don’t have a problem with nostalgia. But I don’t think it should serve as the centerpiece for the parts of the Super Bowl that don’t involve football. Madonna should not have been the halftime act. She looked like a shell of her former self up there and I’m still not completely convinced that she wasn’t lip-synching. Her performance was atrocious. I wouldn’t have closed with Like a Prayer; Material Girl would’ve been a more fitting song given how much money she’ll make off the exposure.

The Ferris Bueller ad was by far the worst of the night. I’m sure you’re probably thinking of a few ads that were less entertaining, but none of those involved the betrayal of one of the most iconic film characters of all time. (Shame on Matthew Broderick for agreeing to do that nonsense.)

The Bueller commercial might have had some potential, but Honda’s millions were wasted. The lines were rushed (the troubles of commercial) and the decision to use Broderick alone made the old, overweight actor look like a washed up Ferris. What about Mia Sara and Alan Ruck? They aren’t doing much these days; why not bring them back so it looks like Ferris at least still has his friends? The reason people like Ferris was because he was cool. Broderick looked fairly pathetic in that ad.

Super Bowl ads became popular because of their innovation. While they didn’t all stink, there wasn’t much innovation this year. Walks down memory lane are fun, but they don’t belong in the most watched telecast of the year.

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