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Why Willow Tree? Why?

Weeping malting willow tree
Tired limbs stretched longingly over river bank
Why do you cry oh once growing majestic willow tree?
Why? Why do you cry?

Because your limbs are no longer strong and sturdy?


Because you can’t drink up the fast moving waters as quickly?


Then why, oh once growing majestic willow tree, why do you cry?

Oh, just because the river of time flows on by

Once it stayed and curled and crept ‘nieth my swelling, accepting roots
Lovingly caressing and talking with my growing shoots

The river has grown too strong
And no longer dallies in my shade of late

Swiftly moving on, to some long unforeseen pool of endlessness

Once it wound and dabbled in all spots
Seemed to care for the frogs and the rocks
Now, ‘t’as washed all that away.


That is why I cry and sometimes sigh

But you can stay, dabble and play
‘nieth my green tinted shade all day
But stay close and do not stray
Lest you find yourself in the river and get swept away.

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  1. Corie Erskine

    Hey good looking,

    Long time no see. I liked you poem. Text me sometime. I don’t have your number anymore. I miss you.


    Corie Erskine

    P.S. You have nice eyes.

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