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Bluestone Bistro: That Pizza Joint Where Everybody Knows Your Name and They’re Always Glad You Came

The easiest way to tell people where I live is to mention my neighbor, The Bluestone Bistro. More often than not, that information is greeted with “oh I’ve never been there, is it good”? After consuming their food multiple times a week for the past two years, I think it’s safe to say that Bluestone’s food is in fact, quite good.

I’ve eaten at most of the pizza places around BC and I can safely say that Bluestone has the best around. Their pizza is a perfect blend of everything you could want in a pie. There’s not too much sauce, just enough cheese, and a savory crust that you won’t want to waste. I’ve had most of their specialty pizzas and they’re all pretty good, but you don’t want to miss the Baja Chicken Fajita pizza.

While pizza is undoubtedly their specialty, there’s plenty more on Bluestone’s menu worth ordering. The pastas are all delicious, but I would recommend splitting an order since the portion size is massive. Same goes for the calzones. I’m a huge fan of their sandwiches, particularly the steak bomb, chicken bomb, and turkey club.

Bluestone’s drink specials make it a very popular weekend destination for those looking to unwind after a long weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are home to dollar drafts, where you can get as many Bud Lights or Bluestone beers as you like with your dinner. Of all the dinner specials I’ve found, I must say that this is without a doubt my favorite. I enjoy eating there the most on Sundays during football and baseball season.

Bluestone’s prime location right off the bus stop (which also happens to be named after the restaurant) makes it an excellent destination for BC students to go grab a beer and some pizza. The staff is amongst the friendliest I’ve seen at any restaurant and the service is excellent. No matter how busy they are, you’re sure to get your food in fifteen minutes. That level of consistency is hard to find in our fast moving world.

I highly recommend giving Bluestone a try. My opinion might be a little biased since I’ve considered the place to be an extension of my off campus home, but I challenge you to find someone who’s been there who doesn’t love the place. Next time you’re on the bus, let in roll on through Cleveland Circle. I’m sure you’ll find that Bluestone will be happy to see you.

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