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The Rock shows some Love for Valentine’s Day

Everyone has a cherished Valentine’s Day memory or tradition. Whether it is eating thousands of chalk heart candies or, maybe, for the lonely and less fortunate, curling up to watch a terrible romantic comedy and crying yourself to sleep, some Valentine’s Days are better than others. Here is The Rock at BC’s favorite V-day traditions and memories.

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Annie Meyer: When I was little I was notorious for getting sick right around Valentine’s day (it happened for three years in a row and I had to stay home from school!). My Parents would always surprise me with a valentine’s day themed stuffed animal, and give me extra popsicles to feel better!


Ian Malone: My favorite Valentine’s tradition is finding all the bad Whitman sampler chocolates left in the box a month later. Does anyone eat cherry cordial?


Katherine Clarke: My favorite Valentine’s day memory consists of giving all of my best friends in my elementary school class the Spongebob and Doug (obviously the best) Valentines from my Nickelodeon Valentine’s day box and leaving the Invader Zim and AAH! Real Monsters for the boys. Who had cooties.


Danielle Dybbro: I’d have to say that my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is another excuse to consume an obscene amount of chocolate. Sure, Halloween is the ultimate holiday for candy, but by January anything leftover from October is gone, or worse, stale. Then February rolls around and an entire day is dedicated to giving chocolates and flowers to people. I know it’s a field day for Hallmark, Godiva, and floral shops across the nation, but who doesn’t like candy and flowers?


Vanessa Maramba: My old gymnastics coach’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day.  He was extremely strict and terrifying but would always take this day off.  It was basically the only day of the year he’d miss, so we’d have a blast!


Christian Montalvo: My favorite part of Valentine’s Day, which I will surely miss, was selecting the coolest cartoon to be on the Valentines for my classmates. I was partial to the Rugrats (RIP), Dexter’s Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Rocko’s Modern Life,  and the Animaniacs.


Paul Fortin: Getting the “Will you be my Valentine?” cards in elementary school.


Conor Naughton: Getting a card from my Grandmother every year without fail.


Joe Casson: It depends. On the years that I have a girlfriend, I demand to watch a non-stop marathon of monster truck rallies, episodes of Scarred and the Die Hard series, just to prove how no holiday can marginalize my masculinity. Other years I grab 500 Days of Summer, He’s Just Not That Into You, and The Notebook, curl up on the couch, and weep as I down gallon a of Ben & Jerry’s. That only happened a handful of times though. ..


Humphrey Yang: When people would make boxes in elementary school. This one Asian kid made a kinex-lego Valentine’s day box where you put the valentine in the top and it would movie it into a box. It was great.

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