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Prank War Chronicles Pt. 2

Saturday, February 11: Prank War Chronicles Pt. 3

            1 pm: My friend Sara and I are about to head down to Conte to go to watch “BC I Love You,” and Jill said she would come with since all three of us are in the improv group, The CCE (Sex! Murder! Comedy!); and everyone in The CCE is going to the premiere because a member is a director of one of the short films. We knock on Jill’s door and she tells us that she actually has more work than she thought she did, and since she was going to be busy later she needs to take some time and do homework. It is a very valid excuse, so we say goodbye and leave. Why we did not suspect a thing is beyond me.

            7:30 pm: I come back from watching “BC I Love You” at the MFA after being gone from 1:15 pm until now. I open my door and scream. Everything in my room is turned upside down. My mattress, containers of lotion, nail polish, boxes, shoes, books, my guitar case under the bed, even my posters on the wall. As I start tidying up, I realize that the shelf on my desk is completely inverted, with my lamp balancing precariously on its head next to my upside down alarm clock, laptop, and bobble head. In addition, my backpack is turned completely inside out, with everything inside it and zipped all the way up. Five minutes later I realize with horror that all my drawers have been switched around in my dresser. This is my breaking point. If there’s one thing that gets to me, it’s when my stuff is rearranged and I don’t know where anything is. Jill is going to pay for this.


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