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Prank War Chronicles Pt. 3

Wednesday, February 15:

12 pm: I have lunch with Ricky, Jill, and Sara. Everything is as normal. As Sara and I go to leave to head back to our dorm, Jill is studying for her Stats test. As a parting statement, Sara says, “You know what would be the best gift? Getting an A on that Stats test!” After she says this she looks knowingly at me. Jill is completely unsuspecting and cheerfully says goodbye. Little does she know that we have a gift for her…quite a few, in fact…

12:45 pm: Sara and I go back to my room to get the supplies: 2 rolls of Disney Princess wrapping paper and 1 roll of hot pink wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. We go into Jill’s room and get to work wrapping all of her things. Since we had only 3 rolls of wrapping paper, we couldn’t wrap her bed, but we still manage to wrap a pillow. We then proceed to wrap all of her items on her desk and shelves: her laptop, her anatomy and physiology textbooks, her binders, her DVDs, her notebooks, her bottles of lotion and perfume, her hairbrush…and many more, including her ukulele. Yes, Jill has a ukulele that is now surrounded by Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.


1:45 pm: I text Nico telling him we pranked Jill back and forward the picture to him. He responds with, “You have just reached a level of awesome.” Thank you, thank you very much.


2:45 pm: I’m sitting in Philosophy when I get a text. It’s from Jill. All it says is, “Ha. Ha. Ha.” You are very welcome.


Thursday, February 16:

4:30 pm: This weekend Jill and I are going on 48 Hours. You’d think that she would try and pull a prank on me while on a retreat, but alas, we aren’t going to the same place. I think I’ll cut her some slack and give her extra time to prank me since we’re gone all weekend. We shall see…

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