Recipes that Rock: Pasta With Hot Dogs

Since Dining Halls are surprising unpopular here in Australia and most of the take out places are far away, I’ve had to use the cooking skills I acquired from the cooking class I took during my junior year of high school. The experience has been humbling thus far, as my dietary habits are largely regarded as ridiculous by those who populate my living arrangement.

So far I’ve survived in this harsh environment unforgiving to lazy college males. Sometimes I get fed by my peers. Other times when my schedule does not permit lurking in the kitchen until someone invariably cooks too much food to consume alone, I prepare my own meal.


I’ve tried a few different recipes thus far, but I wanted to share my personal favorite. You may have had it when you were little or you may have never outgrown it. Hopefully not, as pasta with hot dogs takes little preparation and is always delicious.

Pasta with hot dogs uses three simple ingrediants. You need pasta, hot dogs, and butter. Some people prefer a tomato based sauce to butter, but I think the butter enhances the flavor of the hot dog. Tomato sauces tend to be a bit overpowering. For pasta, you’re going to want to pick a smaller pasta such as elbows, macaroni, or wagon wheels. Stringy pasta like spaghetti or linguini don’t fall in line with the spirit of the meal as the pasta is meant to be eaten with the hot dogs.

Once you have the ingredients, preparation is simple.

1. Boil the pasta
2. Boil or fry the hot dogs. I prefer to boil them as butter is added to the meal later anyway.
3. Strain pasta, add butter immediately for optimum melting.
4. Cut up hot dogs, add to pasta and stir.

That’s all there is to it. You probably knew how to make it already, but hopefully this article will remind you about how delicious the meal can be.

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  1. Cut up hot dogs are also awesome in mac and cheese. personal favorite

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