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Upcoming Events that Rock: Nero

Electronic sensation, Nero, will be coming to Boston this Spring to womp and wobble your eardrums until they rupture. On Tuesday, April 3rd, Nero will be hosted at the religiously tolerant (see image caption) and possibly the best venue, The Boston House of Blues, just before they head to Coachella later that month.


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Reppin' religions from all corners of the globe!

Nero is an electronic, house, dubstep duo that crawled out of the streets of London, birthplace of UK.Grunge. Nero’s most recent album release, Welcome Reality (2011), has been praised by blogs and radio stations around the globe and is a contender for one of the best electronic albums of the year.


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Just Nero being conducted alongside a full orchestra....

Wobble, Wompie, and Womple junkies from around New England will likely flock to the House of Blues in three weeks to witness Nero’s electrifying extravaganza. So grab your neon colored spandex, goofy retro sunglasses, and head to the House of Blues in April to join The Rock at this upcoming event that rocks!

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  1. Jessica Yoon

    Sweet article, Christian – way to spread the word about Nero.

    Just a heads up, too, that the opening act is Dillon Francis, who is a ridiculously awesome up-and-comer in the electronic music scene. He makes moombahton, which is an emerging genre of EDM that’s slowed down to 108 to 112 beats per minute.

    I’ll certainly be there!

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