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The Dangers of John Carter’s Failure

First off, let me say that I have not seen John Carter. The movie looked stupid, unoriginal, and below the intelligence level of anyone who can tie their own shoe. It’s not surprising that Disney is going to take a 200 million dollar hit on the big budget flop. The film cost 250 million to make and has just about reached a halt in revenue after barely crossing the 50 million mark at the box office. International revenue hasn’t come in completely, but that will barely make a small dent in the money that Disney is going to lose on the film.

That said, no one should be celebrating the failure of John Carter. The film, though based on the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, was not a sequel or remake. Given the fact that sequels tend to dominate the lists of top box office draws over the past few years, it’s hard to root against John Carter even though it looked terrible. At least it was remotely original.

The big studios are less like to commit top dollars to original projects if movies like John Carter fail. The movie industry in incredibly frugal, even the failure of one film can carry serious repercussions. No studio wants to be saddled with a 200 million dollar bill when they could just make Pirates of the Caribbean 10 instead.

The Hunger Games just opened and it’s pulled in a ton on money already. While this definitely bodes well for the film industry, it still doesn’t change the fact that John Carter’s failure will have a profound effect on Disney’s film department. Whether or not this will lead to even more sequels will be hard to tell since so many are being made anyway.

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