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Movies That Rock: The Hunger Games

I have to begin with a wow. WOW. My potential for fangirl-dom has truly been ignited. If you weren’t a contributor to the $155 million that The Hunger Games raked in on opening weekend (the third best opening of all time, behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II and The Dark Night), you should change that. You need to go see this film and you need to do it right away, whether or not you read and loved the novels by Suzanne Collins.

For those of you who did read The Hunger Games, you are in for a treat. The movie was very true to the novel, even down to the casting. Josh Hutcherson is exactly the way I imagined Peeta, and the fantastic acting of greats like Stanley Tucci (as Caesar Flickerman) simply cannot be topped. Additionally, those details that were changed or supplemented only served to better the story. One example of this is the look that the movie gives you into what the game-makers are doing while the games are happening. I don’t want to give anything away, but it really is wonderful. Also, there are so many visual goodies in the film that will thrill the imaginative reader.

For those who didn’t read the book, that’s okay, too. This movie is rare, in my opinion, in that it stands alone from its mother novel. Those who aren’t already crazed lunatic fans (like me) will still follow the movie and find it very engaging. You will probably run out of the theatre and to the nearest bookstore, an action I will whole-heartedly encourage.

And finally, for the skeptics: I urge you to hang up your doubter’s hat and see the movie. Although it is drawing the crowds (ahem, better crowds) than the Twilight saga, this story is nothing like that of Edward Cullen. There is a romance in The Hunger Games, however it is not on the main stage of the plot. Collins wrote a very human, very disturbing novel, which is, at the root of it, about survival. Its themes are very relevant to our society, which is still vibrating with uprisings such as the Arab Spring and approaching what could be an environmental catastrophe; it hits quite close to home in this sense. The story is politically and socially stirring, and a lot weightier than it gets credit for. It has the potential to make great thought and interesting conversation!

So there! Have I convinced you? Are you gone, off to see The Hunger Games? No? Well what are you waiting for?! Go, go, go!

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