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Bothered: Pictures of Food on Facebook

Few things on Facebook bother me. Despite the fact that the social media website has been responsible for many wasted hours of potential productivity (well I suppose I’m the one responsible), Facebook is still an incredible resource. But there’s plenty of junk that doesn’t belong on the internet. The notifications that my friends were listening to songs on Spotify used to annoy me, but I don’t see them much on my News Feed anymore.

I do however; see something almost every day on Facebook that bothers me like no other. I cannot for the life of me understand why people feel the need to post pictures of food on Facebook. It is singlehandedly the most obnoxious thing found on the whole website. Unlike Farmville invites, you can’t turn these off. You’re stuck looking at a sandwich that someone made and decided the whole world had to know about it.

A basic meal that someone might post of Facebook

I could understand a few pictures if someone made a meal that required some element of skill to make. But I’ve seen way too many pictures of food that even I know how to prepare and my cooking skills are horrendous. I’ve even seen pictures of food that people bought at a restaurant. What is special about that at all?

Restaurants use advertising to make people hungry. I don’t know the motives behind people who post pictures of food of Facebook, but it accomplishes the same goal. There’s nothing quite like taking a study break that had to go an extra twenty minutes because I saw a picture of pizza on Facebook and then needed a snack. Not cool people, not cool.

I suppose they could be trying to make the rest of the world jealous because they’re eating something good. We don’t live in a third world country; good food isn’t hard to come by. No one is jealous that you eat three meals a day.

I’d like to address the potential counterargument that food picture posters might have regarding other content that people post of Facebook. Links to articles and videos are interactive and provide people with something besides the post. Food pictures do absolutely nothing for anyone besides the person that posted it. There’s nothing more anyone can do with that picture other than wonder when their next meal will come.

The next time you think to post a picture of food on Facebook, think about the general public. Is what you ate really that special? Will anyone’s life be improved after seeing your picture? Is it worth hurting people you care about by making them hungry? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then maybe you post a YouTube video or something else instead.


  1. Food has long been something that brings friends and families together. People love to come to a table and share in a delicious meal. We use facebook to keep our loved ones (and a few not-so-loved ones) involved in our daily lives — we post pictures of ourselves, what we’re doing, what we’re seeing, and yes, sometimes of what we’re eating. For some people, eating at a restaurant is an event, and why shouldn’t they document it?: people take pictures at concerts, even though you cannot hear the music, and people are going to take pictures of food, even if you cannot taste it.

    If someone’s facebook content upsets you, you can simply hide the person from your feed or remove them from your list of friends.

    Further, hunger is a very real issue in this country. I am a BC student, and growing up in the U.S., I knew what hunger felt like. Three meals a day are not always a given. Check your privilege, Mr. Malone.

    • sabretruthtiger

      You’re missing the point, it’s vacuous, irritating and obnoxious to post pictures of food. It’s taking the place of posts that might otherwise be used to convey important political or scientific information, for example posts educating liberal sheeple morons about the fact that man made global warming is a fraud, there being zero evidence to support man made global warming but overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or the scientifically proven fact that 911 was a controlled demolition. But then I guess people want to see a ravioli instead of receiving a mind-broadening education on the basic Newtonian physics that prove 911 was an inside job.

      Hunger is not an issue at the moment in the West for people with access to Facebook. Perhaps if there were more posts about the central Banking cartel intentionally destroying the world economy in order to push through their world government people might care enough to stop them and thus reduce world hunger.

  2. WaterFish

    I hate to see that I am tagged on a food picture that is post by someone else. Yes, I just ate that thing with you, but I don’t want the whole world know about it, especially it’s just a bowl of noodles.
    Seeing those pictures with my name on it just making me upset. Yet, I can’t remove the tag because I am the only one being tagged. It’s just horrible.. no privacy at all.
    If people want to show off the ordinary food they just ate, I am fine with that. But I don’t want everyone knows what I just ate. I hate it, that’s all.

  3. BC eagle ur a fag shut up

  4. Plenty of other things have bothered me about FB. People just like to show pics of their food. If they’ve spent time creating something I can understand them wanting to share. The same goes for a nice, lavish meal at a restaurant. Instead of posting them on FB they should post them on phoodograph.com


  5. Sorry dude, Im the first person to post food on facebook. and it took off. check the dates.

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