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One Fish Two Fish: Nine of the Craziest Days of My Life

Most of my teachers in Australia reminded students to get their work done over break. It seems as though it is a popular thing here in Australia to pile on massive amounts of work due just days after break. But I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of my break and I signed up for a trip called One Fish Two Fish. The trip carries a reputation amongst study abroad students in Australia as being the crème de la crème of spring break adventures. But to be honest, no amount of hype could prepare me for what was going to happen.

One Fish Two Fish started off in Brisbane, Queensland. Sights of students drinking at nine in the morning as well as a few full crates of goon served as a good indicator of the atmosphere of the trip. Save for scuba diving, where intoxicated people cannot participate, drinking was encouraged at nearly every event.

The trip covered a large portion of the east coast of Australia, nearly two thousand kilometers. We traveled from Brisbane to Fraser Island to Whitsunday Island to Mission Beach to Cairns, where we spent the next four days being kicked out of clubs by bouncers and strange encounters with Aboriginals.

In addition to scuba diving, we visited the Australia Zoo (home of the Crocodile Hunter), went white water rafting, and bungee jumping. The days were filled with drinking, nudity, destruction, and any general debauchery not suited for publication (most of which would’ve greatly improved this article, but alas my parents do not need to know). I never thought so much could be packed into so many days for such a longer period of time.

I learned a few things on the trip. First and foremost, sleep really is optional. Despite going full throttle for nine days, adrenaline was more than enough to survive on. I never actually had more than two cups of coffee a day, which is a lot less than I drink normally.

I also learned that goon, which received approval from me in my last article dealing with Australian culture, is not meant for Americans to drink. Cask wine is disgusting and American pallets are not suited for consumption of the vile beverage. Australians should lower beer prices to compensate.

On a more sour note, I discovered that I’m quite unpopular with Australian bouncers. I was thrown out of one bar four times in one night and was denied service at another at 8 pm. I’ve never had trouble with bouncers before, maybe there’s something in the water in Cairns.

Another surprising thing I found out was that Australian airplanes really don’t care about security at all. Not only did I not have to present ID to anyone, I could get to the airport under an hour before take off and still get through just fine. I’m in for a serious reality check when I get back to America but it’s been fun traveling through a country as big as Australia with relative ease.

I’d never had a Spring Break trip like One Fish Two Fish and I probably never will have one as good again. The fact that I had to do a nine-page paper the day after I got back was possibly the low point of my time here in Australia. But I can’t help but smile every time I think about it or reminisce about it with the friends I made on the trip, all of whom have shared my disdain for the return to reality (well as much of reality as Australia itself is). I’ve still got two months to go in Australia but I doubt anything will top One Fish Two Fish.

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  1. Hmmmm….sounds like a great experience!….hopefully the classroom experience for you and the clan is equally enriching :-)……TM

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