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Celebrity Apprentice: Who’s Going to Win the Blatantly Rigged Competition?

I haven’t really been that crazy about this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has made shown favoritism many times in the past, but his decision to keep Lou Ferrigno around for so long after he was despised by his teammates was nothing short of nepotism. Another oddity is that there really isn’t a clear front-runner of the seven candidates left.

Clay Aiken, Penn Jilette, Arsenio Hall, Dayana Mendoza, Lisa Lampanelli, Teresa Giudice, and Aubrey O’Day are left. Assuming Trump doesn’t fire two people in a single episode, there are three more tasks left before the interview process. I still don’t really understand why the interview process exists in the Celebrity format since the contestants aren’t competing for a job, but that’s beside the point.

I can narrow the playing field for the final two to three contestants. Dayana Mendoza and Aubrey O’Day can’t take another final boardroom and don’t have what it takes to impress anyone at the interview process since Dayana is too spacey and Aubrey is too abrasive. Teresa Giudice could probably survive a boardroom due to her track record, but she doesn’t have the skills required to advance past the interview round. She really hasn’t been responsible for any of her teams wins and that will certainly be brought up at some point.

That leaves four. As much as I love Arsenio Hall, his boardroom track record (save for his vendetta against Aubrey) show that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat anyone in there. If you look back to task three, he easily could’ve been fired had George Takei not taken the bullet. Arsenio Hall is one of the classiest players in the game but he’s not winning.

Penn, Lisa, and Clay are all impressive players. I think that they’ll all make it to the interview round. Lisa has an advantage since she’s friends with Donald Trump and she’s been a good player despite her poor track record. The show tends to reward emotional candidates and Lisa certainly has that going for her.

Clay and Penn are near locks for the final four, unless they screw up big time, because of the respect that their teammates have had for them. Neither one has ever been brought back to the boardroom when their team lost. Beyond that, they’re two of the most versatile players in the game, which Trump always loves.

I think Lisa and Clay will be the final two. If it comes down to a boardroom battle, Penn has never been much of a fighter. We haven’t seen someone like him make it to the final two since Trace Adkins back in the show’s first Celebrity Apprentice. If it comes down to the two of them, I have to pick Clay since he’s generally more likable and has a better track record.

This showdown isn’t going to be one of the show’s more memorable. Unless the dreadful Aubrey O’Day makes it to the finale, which I doubt she will, there isn’t going to be a polarizing contestant competing for the $250,000 prize. Without contestants as eccentric as Gary Busey, Rod Blagojevich, or Gene Simmons, this season didn’t come with high expectations. Even though it hasn’t been a very eventful season, it is still more entertaining than most of what’s been on TV lately.


  1. The Colonel

    For anything to do with “The Donald’s” egomania, I respectfully suggest that the better question os not “Who’s going to win….? but “Who cares?” Faced with a choice between watching Trump’s nonsense and watching haircuts in the local barber shop, I would choose the latter in a heartbeat!

  2. Looks like Penn is out and it’s going to be a shoo-in for Clay.

    • The firing of Penn was suspicious to say the least. Since when are boardroom firings strictly based on the task? I could understand if it was early on in the game, but it’s far too late for that. Trump is protecting his Miss Universe

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