The Rock Has a Successful First Student Involvement Day

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The Rock was proud to take part in its first Student Involvement Day. We got over a hundred signups!!!

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up at Student Involvement Day, fear not. We’re still looking for contributors for all our sections.

Here’s a copy of the flier we handed out today.


Rock writers Ian Malone and Juliette San Fillipo

The Rock Succeeds at Student Involvement Day

Why The Rock?

• Write about whatever you want. Keep it clean and classy, but we’re most likely not going to say no if you have an idea. We haven’t said no yet…

• If none of our sections interest you, make your own. Sports was a late addition last year and we’re constantly looking to expand.

• No regular meetings. We send a weekly e-mail instead. If you have tons of other commitments, that’s cool. Keep all your passions and write for the Rock on your own time, not when we tell you to.

• What other publication has a science section?

Ian Malone:
Christian Montalvo:

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