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R.I.P. Chocolate Bar

As someone who likes Carney, lockers and all, I haven’t been particularly “stoked” about the opening of Stokes Hall. I’m sure it’s going to be a nice building and all, but the change that it has brought with it is not all positive. The Dust Bowl was not the only casualty of the latest part of BC’s 10 year plan.

Unlike the Dust Bowl, whose legacy will all but vanish after the class of 2013 graduates, The Chocolate Bar was a place that most of campus can remember. It was the only redeeming quality of McElroy foodservice. A sanctuary for sophomores banished to CoRo; one more reason that Upper was cooler than Newton.

As a former Upper resident and an off campus dweller for two years, The Chocolate Bar was one of my favorite places on campus. The Chocolate Bar served Peets coffee instead of Starbucks, which is served at Hillside. The staff were friendly and they never messed my order up. The vibes were so good that I couldn’t even be bothered by the music selection, which was repetitive and contained too many 90s one hit wonders.

The Chocolate stands with Moogy’s and Dunkin Donuts as the three most important establishments for the formation of The Rock. I spent many hours in The Chocolate Bar sipping iced Americano’s and purple cow milkshakes with the other staff members while we figured out how we were going to get this website off the ground. If the new Chocolate Bar in Stokes doesn’t have purple cow milkshakes, then the class of 2016 has my deepest sympathies.

I’m sure the new Chocolate Bar that opens next semester won’t be too different from the old one. But it won’t be the place where I used to go freshman year at three almost every day with the people who would become some of my closest friends at BC. If that’s not a good reason to miss something, then I don’t know what is.

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