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Yo, is this F’real?

As I walked into Lower Live on my first day as a sophomore, I headed straight to the grills. After a year of eating the ghastly excuse for food sold in Mac, I knew I’d never be setting foot in the Wok Away line ever again. Satisfied with my chicken teriyaki sub, I was heading for the register when lo and behold I stumbled upon the most astounding thing: the f’real smoothie machine.

Were these the fabled smoothies of the majestic Stuart Dining Hall? After I thinking about it, I never expected anything quite like the f’real smoothies when I heard about the ones from Stuart. What came to mind was more like fresh fruits, juices, and syrups, rather than a freezer stocked with pre-made, frozen sorbet cups.

They have a pretty good selection nonetheless. Coffee, mocha, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry-banana, pomegranate, and Oreo–they all seem appetizing to me at least. The only problem I have with these machines is the price. I have to pay over four bucks for a smoothie? Really? It just seems a little outrageous that drinks like iced tea are even over three dollars.

Even with a price tag like that, I still couldn’t resist trying a few. I’ve gotten coffee, mocha, and strawberry banana so far. I’ve got to say, they were good. I especially like the optional thickness and ease of using the machines. It literally takes less than a minute to make a smoothie, and there’s almost never a line.

If there was only a way for the Chocolate Bar to come back with a smoothie bar or for Hillside to make smoothies, then I think they could probably draw people away from the machines and give us more options than these f’real stations alone. For what we have now, I’d say it’s only worth it if you’re sure you won’t need the extra money later on.  Those dollars add up, and just buying a soft drink or an iced tea instead could save a lot. If you always end up with extra funds, go for it. Always begging people to use their card? Lay off the smoothies.

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